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A roof is the most important part of any building. The roof not only protects you from rain and snow, but it also keeps the inside of the home protected. If you notice that your roof has begun to leak or collapse, call King Group for re-roofing service. Our professional re-roofing company can offer much more care than do-it-yourselfers, giving you a warranty on the work which will protect you for years to come.

King Group is a roofing contractor with years of experience. We can replace your old roof with a new one or we can do repairs to your existing roof. If you need a roof repair or replacement, we are the experts to contact. All exterior repairs are completed by knowledgeable professionals who know how to properly protect your roof with tarps and flashing. We also offer new roof installation and roof repairs to residential customers.

Re Roofing Adelaide

If you have a question before booking a roofer we'll get the right person to call you.

Re Roofing Adelaide Services We Offer!

Carving Your Home's Public Image

If you have planned to sell your home, the roof is the most observable trait of a house at first sight. Quality and premium services are our major work ethics. We use advanced and technological re-roofing equipment to upgrade the looks of your house and thereby to increase its public worth. Re-roofing will make your house look noticeably classic.

Variety of Resolutions

Re Roofing Adelaide was a complex process back then, but now with inventions and mechanization, you have a wide variety of alternatives to fix it. King Roof Restoration offers a variety of the latest lightweight iron Re Roofing Adelaide alternatives pre-painted that will give a finishing look to your home and protect it from various damages.


Once a roof commences to erode or pierce holes, you may observe a risen volume of condensation in your house or even leakage befalling through the roof. This exaggerates your electricity charge for heat and affects the public image of your home. Re Roofing Adelaide guarantees no leakage, piercing holes or cracks for letting damage-causing obstacles enter.

Prompt & Easy Task

The Re Roofing Adelaide process is impartially uncomplicated because there is no elimination of the first layer of gravel. Instead, it is normally the addition of the second layer. This usually shortens the steps of the process and helps to accomplish the task quickly and simply. It also reduces the cost of repairs, maintenance and insurance.

Why Choose Us for Re Roofing Adelaide

Australian Owned

King Group are proudly Australian Owned and Operated. We operate in over 3 states within Australia and have several branches throughout each state making the locals choice.

Experienced Team

Be at ease with knowing you are dealing with a company that has over 50 years combined experience in the roofing, gutter protection and high pressure cleaning industries.

Committed To You

“In good hands” says it all. We put you our Customer first in all that we do. We won’t rest until our customers are fully satisfied.

Covered By Warranty

All our workmanship is covered by our comprehensive no-nonsense straight-talking warranty. And by using only the best materials from Australian based suppliers all our suppliers back their products with warranties.

Qualified & Certified

All our workers and contractors are fully licensed and insured to carry out work. Our ongoing training ensures that we are ahead on all facets of safety and product applications and technologies.

Re Roofing Adelaide

Advantages Of Re-Roofing Services!

Your property will gain enormous value and beauty by replacing your old tiles with a new Colorbond metal roof. King Roof Restoration’s trained expert team can strip your old tiles and replace them with a new Colorbond roof in one day. Along with increased weatherproofing, continuous sheeting ensures years of worry-free leak-free service. Existing tile roofs can also be re-tiled, ensuring that your new roof is finished and ready to withstand decades of use.

  • Re-shaping your roof to allow for a better flow of water into your gutters will improve drainage concerns.
  • Roof maintenance and insurance expenditures are reduced.
  • Providing more property protection by assuring that a new roof would provide greater water protection than an old roof.
  • You’re planning an extension or addition to your home and require a single, seamless roof profile.
  • Changing the look of your property based on current trends and colors.

Reproof Your Roof In Adelaide

Are you looking for solid Re Roofing Adelaide services in Adelaide? Quickly give a call to King Roof Restoration to book your Re Roofing Adelaide services. We propose commercial and residential re-roofing services at affordable charges in Adelaide and across Australia. We value our client’s requirements and work accordingly. We have a team of skilled and expert staff who will assist you from the day you booked your services to when your roof is replaced. Throughout our experience in the Re Roofing Adelaide industry, we have pleased our clients. We assure to leave a happy and satisfied client each time we complete a roofing project.
Our quick and economical method to Re Roofing Adelaide projects guarantees minimum disturbance to households and corporations. With years of experience, we have favorably reconstructed hundreds of commercial and residential Re Roofing Adelaide projects.
If you’re looking for an insurance construction firm on whom you can rely for your roofing necessities, contact us now and get a no-obligation quote and relish your new roof without any extra efforts, cost and time.


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