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Professional Roof Painting Adelaide

If you’re looking for a roof painting company that is known for its quality and commitment to doing the best job, then trust us, King Roof Restoration SA. We can paint your roof no matter what their schedule looks like. We have a team of experienced artists who are dedicated to providing quality services without compromising on the amount of time it takes. A roof is one of the most important parts of your home and needs to be treated well. When you need a new colour, you should definitely rely on trusted Roof Painting Adelaide for service.

Roof Painting Adelaide has been one of the most reputable businesses in Adelaide since it opened its doors. They have served South Australia and the surrounding region with quality roof painting. The company’s services are available to both residential and commercial customers, with a range of paint colours that range from traditional to contemporary looks.

Our Services

Roof Restoration

Needing a complete facelift for your tired roof. Then try our full roof restoration which includes a clean, treatment and professional 3 coat Dulux Paint system.

Gutter Guard

Our gutter guard bushfire proof Aluminium system will keep all leaves, debris and bird & pests out for good.


We bring new life to your driveway and pathways using our full clean, treatment and paint system.

Bird Proofing

Our BirdPro mesh system will keep all birds and pests out of our gutters and roof cavities for good.

High Pressure Cleaning

We offer an extensive range of high pressure cleaning services for roofs, driveways, and pathways using our exclusive XtremeClean system.


Try our extensive range of rendering systems for your next project. Offering both cement and acrylic based render systems.

Roofing Services We Are Known For!

  • Valley Tray Replacement
  • Roof Coating & Sealing
  • Complete Re-roofing & Roof Restoration Works
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Tile Renewal & Replacements
  • Sarking Replacement
  • Fixing & Repointing Your House
  • Roof high-pressure washing

Why Choose Us

Australian Owned

King Group are proudly Australian Owned and Operated. We operate in over 3 states within Australia and have several branches throughout each state making the locals choice.

Experienced Team

Be at ease with knowing you are dealing with a company that has over 50 years combined experience in the roofing, gutter protection and high pressure cleaning industries.

Committed To You

“In good hands” says it all. We put you our Customer first in all that we do. We won’t rest until our customers are fully satisfied.

Covered By Warranty

All our workmanship is covered by our comprehensive no-nonsense straight-talking warranty. And by using only the best materials from Australian based suppliers all our suppliers back their products with warranties.

Qualified & Certified

All our workers and contractors are fully licensed and insured to carry out work. Our ongoing training ensures that we are ahead on all facets of safety and product applications and technologies.

How We Work

1 Hour Rapid Reply

We aim to attend to all phone and email enquiries within 1 hr during normal business hours. And yes we even reply on weekends.

Instant Quote

We offer a free over the phone estimation of what the job will involve and cost involved. Giving you an upfront understanding of what you will be up for. We will then make a time to come and visit you to firm our quote and give you a more in depth understanding of our work.

We Get The Job

Once you are happy to proceed with us we then book your job in. With our many teams we will aim to get your job as a matter of priority. You will be allocated a dedicated project co-ordinator who will manage and run all your project and answer any questions you might have.

Satisfied Customer

Our Customer Relations Officer will contact you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work. If we have missed anything we will immediately attend to it. Remember your satisfaction is our aim.

If you have a question before booking a roofer we'll get the right person to call you.

Benefits of Roof Painting Adelaide to Renovate your Home

A new and improved roof is a big part of a house’s value. The exterior is what first entices buyers. If you plan on selling or relocating your house and want to increase its worth, it’s time for your roof to see some fresh paint. Roof painting not only applies new paint, but we can also restore faded paint by removing any eroded and cracked areas. Our professional services ensure a job is well-done in time giving your house new appeal.

Roof Painting Adelaide offers several benefits. Some of the benefits include making your property look beautiful, reducing solar heat gain, protecting your roof from hail or rain damage, increasing energy efficiency, and saving money on electricity costs. Roof painting also creates a durable surface that’s resistant to weathering and pests. Roof Painting is a protective layer for your roof. It can protect a metal roof from rusting, extend the life of a roof, or even improve the energy efficiency of a home. Some paints available also have reflective properties, which actually minimize the amount of heat that the roof absorbs.


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What does a Roof Restoration Involve?

A King Group roof restoration involves a high pressure clean, followed by a full treatment of your roof and final an intense Dulux 3 Coat painted system.

Are all Roof Restorations the same?

The process involved in a roof restoration is basically the same. However, you can quickly tell between cheap and nasty roof restoration and a quality long-lasting one. It all comes down to the applicator and the quality of the materials used.
King Group takes no short cuts. We do a thorough clean of your roof and then fix all pointing, replace broken tiles, and then apply Dulux treatment solutions to prevent mildew and fungal. Once we have done this we then apply 3 coats of Dulux Next Generation roof paint.
Cheaper competitors will skip several steps and also you substandard materials to get the job done. Sure it will look good for the first few months and then you will start to see the fading and breakages which will surface. Then it is too late to call them back to fix their damage as they would have probably closed up and moved on.

Why should I need to restore my roof?

As the main shelter for your most valuable investment, your home, ensuring that your roof is well maintained and presented ensures added value to your property along with the peace of mind that knowing it will keep you safe and away from the harm of weather elements such as rain.
Regular maintenance of your roof is an essential clause in all insurances. And failure to do so will nearly guarantee your future claim will be dismissed.

How much does a roof restoration cost?

Whist every job is different due to a number of factors including condition and accessibility the best solution is for us to provide you with a free no-obligation firm quote. But as a guide only, restorations can cost anywhere between $20-$40 per square meter.

How long does a roof restoration take?

We aim to finish a roof restoration in under 1 week. Certain elements such as weather, location, size, accessibility and availability of materials may cause some delays. However, at King Group we know time is precious and so we push to ensure that we finish the job in a good time without taking any short cuts.

Will you do a roof restoration job even if it is raining?


How much does an inspection and a quote cost?

All our quotes are free no obligation.

Are your roofers & workmen licensed and insured?

We ensure that all our workers and contractors hold the correct qualifications, experience and insurances when doing your job.

How will gutter guard protect my roof and gutters?




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